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Milling Wood
1/2" Down-Shear Bit
Cost to mill 4,000 Linear Feet
DiaTiger® Coated

Paragon Forming & Design of North Tonawanda. N.Y., is a custom woodworking and millwork operation. Paragon made a cost comparison for a 1/2 inch down-shear bit. Initial cost of the diamond-coated tool was $130, compared to $60 for the carbide tool. But the diamond-coated tool produced 4,000 lineal feet of cutting. The carbide tool needed sharpening after 600 lineal feet.

Paragon estimated that sharpening the solid-carbide tool five times cost $75 for the actual sharpenings, plus an additional $5O in lost time from changing and recalibrating the machine (10 minutes lost per change). With these costs figured in, the total cost of the solid carbide tool was $185, and the total lineal footage produced by the carbide tool was still only 3,000 feet. The solid-carbide tool therefore cost $0.061 per foot, while the diamond coated tool cost only $0.033.


Milling Wood Composite with Hard Laminate Surface
1/2" End Mill
Cutting Parameters
18,000 RPM
150 IPM


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